According to the Department of Communities nearly half of all landlords have had to ask a tenant to leave on at least one occasion, mainly because of arrears, disturbances, damages, verbal and threatening behaviour. Landlords in some of these cases you end up having to go to court, trying to regain control of your investment.
When you let your property, you hope that your tenant will turn out to be the model tenant and provide a hassle-free long-term return on your investment property. In our experience this in many cases this does turn out to be the case, but we do hear of many cases where trouble begins quickly followed a hopeful start. This is often where a landlord has found the tenant privately or used a cut-price “tenant-find only” service, rather than a fully managed service that can route out problems before they escalate into crises.
We hope that you have great tenants, but if you are having problems with any of the following, it might be worth taking a few minutes to have a chat with us.
Your tenant won’t move out after their tenancy has expired.
Your tenant has stopped paying you rent.
Your tenant has left owing you money and you want to trace them.
Your tenant refuses to communicate with you.
Your unsure on what way to best handle the situation.
Your concerned you may have also broken some of your landlord obligations.
You need to call on a guarantor.
You need to handle third parties acting on behalf of your tenants.
You can’t gain access to the property to do an inspection.
You need a resolution now rather than later.
You need someone to deal with a tenant changeover.
You want to issue notice, are you doing this correctly?
You want to start court proceedings against a tenant.
You have a tenant who has ignored a court agreed leaving date.
I know some of the above is horrendous, worryingly this is increasingly becoming the normal for self-managing landlords. Yet this really can all be avoided if you work with our small committed team who know how find and manage tenants correctly.
Feel free to give us a call on 02890598583 or drop by Your Property Geeks East Belfast for some honest advice.