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Deposit return: How to ensure you get your deposit back

Deposits can be withheld by landlords for only a handful of reasons. Broadly, these are: Unpaid rent Damage to the property or items Missing items Unauthorised changes to the property So, getting your deposit back in full is essentially a case of ensuring you fulfil your obligations as a...
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Everything you need to know about landlord boiler cover

Do I need boiler cover as a landlord? While boiler cover isn t a legal requirement for you as a landlord, it s something you should consider taking out for additional peace of mind. Boiler breakdowns happen, but that does not make them any less expensive or any less stressful for you and your t...
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Sellers checklist: Is your property ready to be put up for sale?

1. De-clutter your home While Christmas might seem like it was an age away, clutter in properties usually increases after the festive season. Before you starttalking to estate agentsabout putting your home on the market, try to clear away as much as you can. So, that means storing away things li...
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Five things tenants need to know in 2020

1. The Renters Reform Bill While this big change in lettings legislation is not yet law, it is on the agenda for this parliamentary term. And as a tenant, you absolutely need to be aware of the proposed changes. 2. The main proposals are: To remove the right for landlords to evict tenants wit...
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Top Tips When Shopping for a Short-Term Let

Top Tips When Shopping for a Short-Term Let There are many advantages associated with short-term letting opportunities in Belfast. Not only are these properties often able to offer a more personalised experience when compared to other options such as a serviced apartment, but their flexible re...
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How to Sell Your Home Quickly All Year Round

How to Sell Your Home Quickly All Year Round No matter the conditions of the ever changing property market, here are some top tips for successfully selling your property all year round. Remember Kerb AppealWhen selling a property, it can be easy to forget that the first thing the buyer will se...