How to Sell Your Home Quickly All Year Round


No matter the conditions of the ever changing property market, here are some top tips for successfully selling your property all year round.

Remember Kerb Appeal

When selling a property, it can be easy to forget that the first thing the buyer will see is the exterior. Even if the inside is immaculate, be sure that your property has some real kerb appeal too. Clear up front gardens, give front doors a lick of paint and get rid of any outstanding rubbish or debris that might make the outside of your home look less than appealing.

Tidy Up , Declutter and Depersonalise

Once through the front door, now it is time for the buyer to gain their first real impression of your property. Declutter any furniture that may block a clear transition throughout the house. If you have pets or children, ensure to tidy up any day-to-day mess prior to viewings, and air out the property to remove any trapped odours. Although buyers will all have specific individual requirements, a clean and tidy home is a great way to encourage and maintain interest. Depersonalising the property in order to make your home as appealing across the board as possible is also a smart idea. Buyers want to imagine their own family living there, so seeing excessive amounts of photographs can seem intrusive and off-putting.

Choose the Right Agent and the Right Price

Choosing the right estate agent is integral for helping your property reach the most potential buyers all year round. The right agent should be able to show a proven track record for sales in your local area, and be able to quantify the level of interest they plan to generate in viewings. Many agents may already have potential buyers waiting for properties like yours, so don't be afraid to ask for more information, as working with an estate agent should be a collaborative process. In terms of pitching the right price for your home, don't always be swayed by the highest valuation price. If priced too high, a property can sit on the market for months with little to no interest. Instead, always opt for a sensible median price that is somewhere between the lowest and highest valuation. That way, your property will catch the eye of buyers with the right budget, but it will still leave room for negotiation from your agent once a potential buyer puts in an offer.


Although it can be tempting to be at home while viewings are taking place, it is much better to keep your distance and stay out of the way. Potential buyers want to feel they can express their opinions freely to an agent, without worrying the homeowner is within earshot. It can also make it easier for a buyer to imagine themselves one day living in the property, making it more likely they will put in an offer faster and your property will be successfully sold quicker.