Next summer might seem like a long time away. But if you’re aiming to be in your new home in time to enjoy those warm, light evenings and you have a property to sell, now is the time to start thinking seriously about that move and even putting your current property on the market.

2020 hasn’t been a normal year. Here’s a picture of the current market from Rightmove: The price of property coming to market rose 1.1% between September and October 2020. Prices in the UK are now 5.5% higher than they were a year ago, with Rightmove forecasting a 7% rise by December. All of which means if you’re looking to sell so you can get into a new home well before summer, now could be the time to capitalise on that growth and demand from buyers.

How long does it take to sell a house?

The current average time between putting your home on the market and receiving an acceptable offer is 50 days.

Things to consider before putting your property on the market

But putting your home on the market always requires plenty of thought and here are some of things you’ll need to consider:

-How much your property is worth and how much you need to sell it for to make your next move. To get a great idea of your property’s value, try our instant online valuation tool

-Does your property need any work before you sell it? Take a look at our seller’s checklist

-If you secure a quick sale, will you buy right away, or will you rent?