Top Tips When Shopping for a Short-Term Let


There are many advantages associated with short-term letting opportunities in Belfast. Not only are these properties often able to offer a more personalised experience when compared to other options such as a serviced apartment, but their flexible rental options are ideal for those who may need to adhere to an unpredictable schedule. There are still a number of suggestions to keep in mind for anyone who hopes to encounter the most appropriate opportunity. Let us take a look at some useful suggestions so that an informed decision can be made.

Be Sure to Shop Around

While this first recommendation may seem obvious, some individuals will immediately commit to the first short-term let that they encounter. We should remember that the price of a short-term let may be up to 30 per cent higher than a long-term rental. This is why it is critical to compare at least three different providers in order to better appreciate which one is able to offer the most cost-effective solution.

Determine the Amenities

Some renters have adopted the belief that comfort needs to be sacrificed for convenience when searching for a short-term let. On the contrary, this is much more of a myth than a reality. The best letting agencies will be able to provide their tenants with all of the modern amenities that they have come to expect. These include:

Wireless InternetFurnished kitchensSecurity features such as exterior CCTV systemsConveniences such as flat-screen televisions and coffee machines

Although these accessories may differ slightly between properties, clients should nonetheless never be forced to lower their standards.

Consider the Reputation of the Firm

It is just as important to appreciate what others have had to say about their previous letting experiences. Word of mouth is always crucial in order to make an informed and pragmatic decision. Has the company in question obtained vastly positive reviews or have renters been critical of the services rendered? The majority of transparency agencies will be happy to provide testimonials upon request. If they are unable or hesitant to do so, it is normally prudent to look elsewhere.

Customer Service Options

There may be times when a customer has a specific question or encounters an unforeseen situation (such as the need to cancel the agreement ahead of schedule). This is why it is critical to that letting firm provides a number of contact methods. A dedicated email address and a phone number are both critical in order to avoid any miscommunications or confusion along the way.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

These are some of the most useful recommendations to keep in mind when shopping for a short-term let. The good news is that there are many unique possibilities in and around Belfast. Would you like to learn more about your options or do you have additional questions? If so, please take a few moments to contact one of our representatives at your convenience.