Many people whose property is on the market now would ideally like to move by Christmas, yet agents keep inflating prices, giving false hopes and ultimately hindering your goals. Your Property Geeks are here to save the day.


Buyers who are currently active in the market are now getting increasingly keen to move before the end of the year and Your Property Geeks have recently noticed a significant ramping-up of activity. 


Despite this increase in activity, your choice of agent is paramount as too many agents are currently making rash promises. If you are selling, beware of the agent who tries to flatter you with promises of an inflated price, or entices you with a commission rate so low (sometimes with hidden charges) that they cannot provide a decent level of service or train their staff effectively.


If you take one thing from reading this, DO NOT get yourself tied into a sole agent agreement. If they try to do this, question why they would need to if they are so confident in their abilities. Your Property Geeks will NEVER do this to one of our customers. We let our results speak for themselves.


Whilst the market is in fact quite stable, buyers do have a choice. Buyers buy by comparison, and they will always buy the property that offers them the best value in relation to alternatives available nearby.


So don’t fall into the trap of assuming that because your property is slightly wider than the one on the market next door, or because it has better views or a bigger garden, that you should quote a higher asking price. By doing so, your price offsets these benefits. Likewise, if your house is similar to next door, then you should consider undercutting their price if you really want to achieve an early sale.


If you’d like to move this year, the rule of thumb for this market is to choose a strong, independent, locally based agent, like Your Property Geeks. We know the local market better than anyone and will treat your sale better than anyone. We will research your own situation closely and come up with the best price to help achieve your goals. With the wind behind you, you might just be in your new home by Christmas. And we’d love to help you achieve this – it’s what we do! Please feel free to call us for a confidential no-obligation chat on 028 90 598 583