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what to look when searching for investment property

Searching for a Property where you can add value, but not sure what exactly to look for? As a buyer looking for a new for investment or to live, in you may well be keen to find a property with potential – after all, our homes are an investment. But how do you go about doing this? Here’s our guide to spotting opportunities for adding value to your property.

Why Landlords Should Embrace the Smart Home

Homeowners are rapidly becoming hooked up to “the internet of things” by linking everything from their lighting, fridge, doorbell, central heating, sound system, and more, at the touch of a button, or indeed voice command. “Ask Alexa” is clearly here to stay and she is set to enable us to control more of our lives.

Help Your Agent

Buyers often waste an inordinate amount of time viewing property that is either too expensive or blatantly wrong in other critical ways.   

Meeting Your Tenant

Although a good letting agent (such as Your Property Geeks ??) will of course expect to accompany prospective tenants who want to view your investment, and are trained to maximise the opportunity, there is a lot to be said for you being there too!

Top tips for a smooth property transaction

Buying a home can be a stressful experience – but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few handy tips to make it as smooth-sailing as possible. You need to jump through a few hoops when buying a home and even if both you and the seller are keen to exchange contracts promptly, there can be delays.

Open House

“Open House” The keys to selling any property are price, location and exposure. You can’t change the location of your property, and the market determines the price. However, your agent can make significant inroads into how powerfully your property is exposed to the market.