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Personal Accountability

Many properties in East Belfast are as unique and distinctive as the people who buy them.

Trying to Move by Christmas?

Many people whose property is on the market now would ideally like to move by Christmas, yet agents keep inflating prices, giving false hopes and ultimately hindering your goals. Your Property Geeks are here to save the day.

“A Proactive Approach Essential”

Estate Agents are generally an up-beat type. Selling property to the right buyer, quickly and at an impressive price requires a “can do, will do” approach that is unlikely to be found in a pessimist.

Best Tip To Ensure Moving Day Goes Smoothly!

Friday is overwhelmingly the most popular day of the week to move-house as it provides new homeowners with a long weekend of moving “fun” – unpacking boxes, hanging pictures and all the DIY that tends to accompany a move.    

Help us..

Your Property Geeks love the challenge of helping you find your ideal home. Sometimes however, it can be more of a challenge than need be. So if you are looking to rent a property, here are a few guidelines that will really help us to help you:

Why Our Clients Love Professional Photography

Most estate agents think that it’s ok to take their own photographs, here we're going to tell you, it is definitely not.